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Business Services in Estonia

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Flow provides a range of services to help companies and investors establish in Estonia and then grow globally. High-tech and high-touch options allow clients to achieve their desired outcome, regardless of size.

Form a company in Estonia and administer remotely using e-residency.

Virtual office service including mail forwarding.

Nominated contact person for the first year of operations.




Bookkeeping, expense, and payroll management.


Understand local requirements, file tax and business returns.


Understand the e-residency solution and submit your application.


Curated economic, cost, rankings, and investment data.

Invest in Estonia and trade globally from your Estonian entity.

All you need to know about Estonia's business environment.

country data



Company Formation

Company Formation in Estonia 

Estonian companies provide access to the EU Single Market of 500m consumers and are super-efficient from a cost and tax perspective. Estonian companies can be fully foreign owned, opened and administered remotely.
Flow will guide you through the formation process to ensure you select the right legal form and establish your Estonian company quickly and efficiently.
Registered Address

Registered Address in Estonia 

Every Estonian company needs a registered address. PO boxes are not allowed. Flow provides a virtual office service including mail forwarding.
Contact Person

Contact Person in Estonia 

For an Osaühing (OÜ) there is no requirement to have a local director (management board member) however if all members of your management board are located outside of Estonia, you are required to appoint a local contact person. The contact person cannot make decisions nor make commitments on behalf of your company. Flow provides a contact person service to help you interact with the relevant authorities and be compliant.
Company Secretary

Company Secretary in Estonia 

Flow will advise you on all tax and business requirements and ensure your mandatory returns are submitted on time.
Accounting Services

Accounting Services in Estonia 

Accounting obligations are determined by the nature of the business e.g. type of entity, volume of trade, number of employees, etc.

Flow provides accounting support to ensure your bookkeeping and expense management is accurate and returns to the tax department are made on time.

Clients may request support for employee registration, payroll calculations (pay, leave, tax, etc), reporting and payroll payments.


E-Residency Services

E-residency enables you to form and administer an Estonian company remotely. There are great online resources and Flow can provide personalised advisory by email if required.

Country Data

Estonian Country Data

Flow curates and contextualises economic, cost, rankings, and investment data on Estonia to help you track performance and benchmark against peers. 

Investment Advisory

Invest in Estonia Advisory

We help companies and investors explore investment opportunities in Estonia and help execute deals with in-country experts. 

Country Profile
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